Why is my shower head leaking?

Fixing A Leaking Shower Head

A leaking shower head can be a real annoyance. Maybe it’s constantly dripping and keeping you awake at night, not to mention all the water it’s wasting. Or maybe it’s just causing a dribbling stream of water when you’re showering, detracting from the water pressure of your shower. Either way, you want to get it fixed, so let’s look at some common causes and fixes for your leaking shower head.

A leaking shower head is often caused by the washer, O-ring, or inner seal becoming worn or loose. Alternatively, it could be something as simple as grime or mineral deposits building up in or around the shower head, limiting the flow of water. If you want to investigate the problem yourself, then remove the shower head and check the parts to see if anything looks worn or damaged, and also check and clean the shower head to make sure that the leak isn’t caused by dirt or grime.

If you can’t see an apparent problem that’s causing your shower head to leak, then call a plumber to diagnose the cause for you.

How to fix a leaking shower head

We’ve already mentioned one simple fix for a leaking shower head; simply cleaning it of any grit, grime, and mineral deposits that have built up over time. If that doesn’t do the trick, then there is obviously a bigger problem at the root of it. If the leak is caused by something like a worn washer or O-ring, then this part will likely just need replacing and your shower will be as good as new. You should call a plumber for this repair if you have any doubts about doing it yourself. In the case of loose parts, your shower head may just require tightening.

Other problems may require more intensive diagnosis and repair, for which you should rely on a plumber for. They will likely be able to fix the leak easily, but in the worst-case scenario, you can simply replace your shower head with a new, non-leaky one. Another cause that a plumber will be able to solve for you is a broken seal. For this, water sealant tape may need to be applied, or the faucet cartridge may need to be replaced.

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