How to Choose a New Showerhead

Are you sick of taking showers with weak water pressure? Or maybe you’re undergoing a bathroom remodel and want to update everything. Either way, it’s time for you to choose a new showerhead. This might not be as easy a task as it sounds, so we’ve got a quick guide to help you choose the right showerhead for your bathroom.

Check your water pressure

Before you get your heart set on a certain showerhead, you should find out what the water pressure is in your home. Some showerheads can still cope with low pressure and provide adequate flow, whereas others will have to be ruled out. If your water pressure is anywhere between 40 and 60 psi, then most showerheads will work just fine.

Different types of showerheads

There are two main types of showerhead – fixed and handheld. Fixed showerheads can either be fixed to the wall or the ceiling. They may be fixed directly to the wall or connected via a shower arm, meaning that they jut out further from the wall or ceiling. Rain showerheads are a popular type of fixed heads. These are positioned directly over the head of the person showering and imitate a warm rainfall. 

Handheld showerheads are typically held by a bracket on the wall of the shower but can be removed from this bracket to be used by hand. When attached to the wall, the angle of the bracket or showerhead can be altered to change the angle of water flow. This flexibility also comes in handy when cleaning and rinsing the shower cubicle. 

Spray patterns

Some showerheads have a single spray pattern while others are adjustable. Wider spray patterns cover a larger area but are normally less powerful as a result, whereas a narrow spray pattern can be more powerful. Showerheads with multiple spray patterns are easy to alter, typically by rotating the showerhead.


Lastly, although this may be a higher priority for some buyers, is the way the showerhead looks and how well it matches the rest of your bathroom. If you’re redesigning the entire room, then it should be easy to choose appliances, features, and décor that all suit each other. Most showerheads have a silver chrome finish, but there are other options if this doesn’t suit your style. 

The shape of the showerhead may also be important when choosing a style that you like. Create a more modern, minimalist look with square or rectangular showerheads rather than traditional round ones. 

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