Why is My Toilet Leaking?

A dripping tap is usually a very noticeable, and often irritating, plumbing issue. But a leaking toilet, on the other hand, can go unnoticed for a while. If you think your toilet is leaking, then read on to find out some of the potential causes and what to do about it.

Spotting signs of a leaking toilet

Several signs might indicate that water is leaking from your toilet. The most obvious would be a pool of water at the base of your toilet. But it might not always be this visible, especially if the leak is underneath the flooring. Where the water has soaked into the floor, you might notice that the floor has become softer and spongier in this area or that the finish has become discolored or damaged.

You might notice signs of a leak in the room underneath your toilet, rather than the bathroom in which the toilet is located. Water stains on your ceiling could indicate that there is a leak in the bathroom above. A foul smell may also mean that you have a leaky toilet.

What is causing the leak?

There could be a number of causes behind your toilet leak, and this will largely depend on where the leak is coming from. Here are a few common causes that might be to blame:

  • The seal around the based of the toilet is damaged
  • The bolts have come loose, breaking the water-tight seal
  • A loose water supply line
  • A faulty shut-off valve
  • A crack in the bowl or the tank
  • Rusted pipes

What do to about a leaking toilet

While some of the above causes could be an easy fix, others are likely to require professional repair or maintenance. The best course of action is to call a plumber to assess what the problem is. They will then be able to advise you on what is required to fix the leak and how much it is likely to cost.

It’s important not to ignore a leaking toilet. As well as being a waste of water, the water leaking from your toilet is likely to be unsanitary, which can be harmful to the health of you and your family. The leak may also damage the flooring around the toilet, which could lead to extensive and costly repairs.

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