What features do smart toilets have?

When modern plumbing systems were invented, they were the pinnacle of innovation and convenience, supplying water and eliminating waste in a way that had never been achieved before. Now plumbing is something none of us could imagine living without, but that doesn’t mean that the field hasn’t continued to develop and innovate. 

In Japan especially, smart toilets have become a popular new technology, and this phenomenon could be spreading around the world. But what are smart toilets and how exactly do they work? Let’s look at them more closely…

What is a smart toilet?

Just like your smartphone can do so much more than your old Nokia, a smart toilet has lots of innovative features beyond the traditional functions of a toilet. And like any smart technology, it can interact intelligently with its user, tailoring its features to you.

But what are the benefits of this? A smart toilet can make your bathroom experience more comfortable and hygienic, and it can even monitor your health. Think about how a smartwatch allows you to track your daily activity and sleep patterns; a smart toilet can help you track your digestion and give you recommendations to improve your diet and track any health problems. While this isn’t a common feature of all smart toilets, it is becoming a bigger possibility for the future. 

Here are some of the impressive features that a smart toilet can offer:

  • Seat warmers – It’s not pleasant sitting down on cold porcelain in the morning, so you can warm up the seat to your desired temperature.
  • Ambient lighting – If you need the toilet in the night but don’t want to turn all the lights on, a smart toilet’s ambient lighting can provide you with the right level of light.
  • Automatic lid – No more arguments about leaving the toilet seat up; smart toilet seats can open and close the lid automatically. This is also more hygienic as you don’t have to touch the seat or lid.
  • Automatic flush Automatic flushing adds to the hands-free experience for increased hygiene.
  • Self-cleaning – Spend less time scrubbing your toilet as smart toilets have a variety of self-cleaning features.

Would you want to have a smart toilet in your home or is it a step too far? 

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