When is it Time to Call a Professional Plumber?

As a homeowner, part of the battle is knowing which repairs and home improvement tasks you can tackle yourself and which to leave to the professionals. Some things can be DIYed in order to save a bit of money and the hassle of calling a professional, while others will end up much costlier and time-consuming if you attempt to do them yourself.

Plumbing can be an especially difficult area to handle. One wrong move and you could end up with a lot of water damage and maybe even flooding. To help you tackle your plumbing problems in the best way possible, let’s look at some of the signs that are telling you to call an emergency plumber.

If your DIY solution doesn’t work

Sometimes you’ll have a seemingly simple problem like a clogged drain or a dripping tap. A quick Google search and you’re ready to fix it. But if this quick and easy solution doesn’t work, the problem might be more complicated than it first seemed, or there may be a more serious problem causing the fault. Rather than trying over and over again to fix it yourself, now is a good time to call a plumber to assess the problem for you.

When electricity is involved

You know that water and electricity are a bad combination. If your plumbing problems are also related to the electrics in your house, then you should steer well clear. Problems with your electric water heater, for example, can be very dangerous if handled improperly. Whenever electricity is involved, you should always call the professionals.

With sewage smells

If your drains start to smell, it might be a result of material clogging your drain. If there doesn’t appear to be a clogging issue but you can still smell a foul odor, then it is likely to be a problem with the sewer lines. To avoid the risk of sewage spilling into your bathroom or out of your showerhead, you should call in a professional plumber to assess the problem.

For cracked or burst pipes

If your pipes are leaking or have noticeable cracks, then a call to an emergency plumber is a good idea. Cracked pipes can burst and flood your home, which can be a very expensive problem. If you have damaged pipes or if they have already burst, then call out a plumber as soon as you can.

It’s good to be able to handle basic household emergencies, but some things are simply better left to the professionals. You can contact us anytime for our expert plumbing services across Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, and Guilford Counties.