Signs of Hidden Leaks and Drips

If you’ve got a leak or a drip in your home, then you want to see to it as soon as possible before it causes water damage. This is fine if the leak is obvious and out in the open, but what about the pipes that you can’t see, like those in your walls? Some leaks could go undetected for a while, slowly causing more and more damage, which could end up being costly. Let’s look at some signs that there might be water leaking in your home, so you can catch it early.

Unusual stains

If you notice a mysterious stain appear on a ceiling, wall, or floor in your home, then this is likely caused by water leaking out of a pipe or an appliance somewhere. They are often roughly circular, discolored patches that may be wet to the touch and could start dripping water if the leak is more severe.

Damp or mildewy smells

Along with moisture usually comes a smell of damp, mold, or mildew. If you’ve started to notice a musty and damp smell in your home and can’t identify the source, then it could be a hidden leak. Look for any associated stains, as mentioned above, and call a plumber to identify the leak if you’re unable to.

Decreased water pressure

You’re used to a certain level of water pressure in your home, whether that’s from the shower or the faucets, so it’s usually noticeable if the pressure suddenly drops. Low water pressure could be a sign of a leak. Even a small leak disrupts the flow of water and detracts from the pressure.

Increased water usage

You may be able to check your water meter or your bills to track how much water you’re using. If your bills have suddenly gone up even though you’ve not changed your usage habits, then a leak or a drip may be to blame. Another way to check is by checking your water meter and then ensure that no one is using any water in your home for the next 30 minutes or so, then check it again to see if the meter has moved.

If you’ve got a leak or a drip in your home, then we can fix the issue before too much damage is done. Contact Brandon Plumbing for our emergency plumbing services around the Piedmont Triad, NC.