Safe plumbing tips

We’ve given you some tips before on how to keep your plumbing safe from small children (and them safe from it) in case they feel like experimenting by flushing unusual things down there. But if you’re a parent to pets instead of kids (or both!), then they could wreak just as much havoc on your plumbing as a curious toddler.

So, if you’ve got mischievous pets or ones that shed hair wherever they go, read on for some pet-proof plumbing tips.

Keep toilet lids closed

A lot of dogs will gladly drink from a dirty puddle or a toilet bowl rather than the clean water in their bowl. Although they may be able to handle the germs, the chemicals and cleaning products used in your toilet are likely harmful for them to ingest, so keep your toilet lid closed or your bathroom door closed if you have pets wandering around.

This will also prevent the risk of cats or small dogs slipping into the toilet while trying to drink from it. And there’s also the chance that they’ll come by and drop their favorite toy or a mouse they’ve caught into the toilet, with the same curiosity as a toddler. So keep it closed!

Watch what you flush

It’s not just pets that can cause plumbing problems, but also misinformed owners. It might make sense and offer convenience to flush your pet’s feces down the toilet and flush it away, or even kitty litter that you’re disposing of, but this can be harmful. Some cat litters may even claim to be flushable, but doing so can cause clogs and blockages.

And the bacteria in their feces can be harmful to aquatic life, particularly cat poop, which can spread toxoplasmosis. Dog poop isn’t as harmful and some recommend flushing it as the most eco-friendly way of disposing of it, whereas others still recommend that human waste and toilet paper are the only things you should be flushing.

Drain guards

This is particularly for dog owners. If you bathe your pet in the bath, shower, or sink, then you should place a drain cover or strainer over your drain to catch all of the fur that sheds as you wash them. If your dog sheds a lot, especially in the summer, then a drain cover could come in handy even when you’re not washing them, since pet owners know that the hair somehow gets everywhere.

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