Plumbing Checks and Tasks After Moving House

You’ve just moved into a new house and you’ve got lots of things on your to-do list. Buy furniture, install security, get your internet and utilities set up, and the list goes on…

Some of these tasks may involve checking your plumbing and getting everything in order. So, if you’re in this position and are figuring out all the things you need to do, then here are some of the key plumbing checks and tasks to tick off your list after moving home.

Find your water shut-off valve

You hopefully won’t need this any time soon, but it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible, just in case. You should find out where your water shut-off valve is and make sure that you know how to switch it off, and this goes for everyone else living in your house, too. In the case of a burst pipe or other plumbing disasters, turning off this valve as quickly as you can is a priority.

Arrange your utilities

You may have been able to do this before moving in, but if not, then you should make sure you know who your utilities are with and arrange a switch if you choose to. Locate your meters and figure out how to read them, and make sure you know whether your water use is metered or if you are charged a flat rate.

Plumbing inspection

You want to make sure that everything in your new home is working properly and that there are no leaks or damaged pipes anywhere. It’s a good idea to get a professional plumber in for a proper check so they can repair or maintain anything that needs it, but you can also do your own visual checks soon after moving in, and check that all the faucets and showerheads are in good working order.

Your water heater or boiler should be something to think about. How old is it and how well has it been maintained? And what type of heater is it? You might want to consider upgrading to a tankless water heater if it is old and outdated.

Start planning home improvements

This may not be at the top of your to-do list, but you’re probably eager to start making your new home your own with new décor, furniture, and perhaps more extensive remodeling. In terms of plumbing, the bathrooms and kitchen are the main areas to think about. Do you want to install a new shower, add a second bathroom, or remodel your kitchen? Discussing your home improvement plans with a plumber will help to ensure that your pipes and infrastructure has been considered when making your plans.

If you need any plumbing repair, maintenance, or installation services in your new home, then contact Brandon Plumbing for our support around Lewisville, Clemmons, and Winston Salem, NC.