What Are the Most Likely Causes of Burst Pipes?

Burst pipes in your home can be a real inconvenience. They can lead to flooding, water damage, a loss of water supply, not to mention all that wasted water that could see your water bills skyrocket. It’s good to prepare yourself for if this ever happens to you. Knowing some of the most common causes of burst pipes can help you to prevent it happening to you in the future. So, here are some common causes that will leave you calling an emergency plumber to fix your pipes.

Frozen water

If you live somewhere with cold winters, then your pipes may be prone to burst as the temperature drops below zero. If the water inside your pipes freezes, it will expand. It may expand to a point where the pipe can no longer contain it, causing the pipe to burst.

There are a few measures you can take to prevent this, including:

  • Keeping your heating running – even if you’re out of the house, leaving your heating on with the thermostat low can keep the water temperature up.
  • Insulating any outside taps
  • Regularly switching your cold taps on to keep water moving

Old and worn pipes

Pipes may weaken over time and metal pipes can become corroded. If the pipes in your house are old, then they will be more likely to burst when a problem occurs with your plumbing. It’s important to get your pipes checked and maintained regularly. A plumber will be able to advise you on whether your pipes need replacing.

Environmental changes

Water pipes outside of your home can become damaged by their surroundings. Tree roots are a common culprit. They seek out sources of water underground in order to nourish themselves, and might find their way to your pipes. If they wrap around your water pipes, this could cause them to collapse and burst. The soil around your pipes can also place too much pressure on them. This can be caused by human activity like soil being shifted during construction around your home.

Build-up of water pressure

If part of your plumbing system becomes clogged, like your toilet or shower drain, then this can lead to a build-up of water pressure inside your pipes. If this is left to develop, it could cause your pipes to burst. If you notice a clog or that the water coming from your taps has dropped pressure, call an emergency plumber to check your water pressure and clear up any clogs.

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