How to Keep Your Shower from Clogging

If you’ve ever paddled around in water during a nice, hot shower, then you know how annoying a clogged shower drain can be. A clogged shower can cause water to overflow onto your bathroom floor. It can also leave soapy and dirty residue around your shower basin as the water takes longer to drain.

Let’s face it, you don’t want a clogged shower, so let’s look at some of the simple ways to prevent your shower drain from clogging and how to clear it if it happens.

Clear the drain of hairs

When shower drains get clogged, the most common cause is clumps of hair collecting in the drain. We can’t help our hairs shedding in the shower, but we can take efforts to clean up after ourselves. Always remove hairs caught in the drain after you shower to prevent them from building up. To prevent loose hairs from going down the drain, you can put a drain cover or hair catcher over the drain. This also makes it easier to clear the hairs after each shower but simply removing and emptying the hair catcher.

Rinse your drains out

You probably turn your shower off before getting out, but it can be a good idea to leave the water flowing for a few minutes. After you get out of the shower, turn the water temperature up and leave it switched on for a few minutes. This helps to clear the shower basin and flush built-up materials out of the drain, preventing it from clogging.

Avoid greasy substances

The bath and shower products you use in the shower are probably fine for the drains, but you should avoid using anything that is not designed for the shower. This includes the cleaning products you use when cleaning your shower. Avoid cleaners that are especially oily or greasy, as these can cause clogs.

Clearing clogged drains

If your shower does become clogged, resist using store-bought drain cleaners as these can damage your pipes. If something is physically clogging your drain near the opening, then you may be able to remove it manually by hand (if you have the stomach for it!). If not, then try using a plunger to clear the clog. If this doesn’t work, then it is best to call a plumber to resolve the problem with your drains before it becomes worse.

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