Keep Mold Away from Your Plumbing

There’s one thing that unites all aspects of plumbing – fluids. And, unfortunately, moisture is one of the big causes of mold. So, seeing mold growth around your plumbing fittings is fairly common. This is especially the case in bathrooms due to the steam created by showers and baths.

But mold doesn’t have to be a problem in your household. We’ve got some tips to help you prevent mold from growing around your plumbing and get rid of it if it does start to grow.

How to get rid of mold properly

Mold is common around faucets, showerheads, grout lines, and in the refrigerator. If you notice black spores around your plumbing fixtures, here are the first steps to take. Soaking and scrubbing the area with white vinegar could be enough to remove mold in some cases. Just apply it to the area, leave it for 15 minutes, and then scrub away and rinse with warm water.

In worse cases, a solution of water and bleach may be needed to tackle the mold. For a safe solution, mix one cup of bleach with a gallon of water and then follow the same process as above. If the mold is widespread and difficult to tackle, then you might need professional mold removal.

Preventing mold from growing

Despite all the water and moisture involved with plumbing, there are steps you can take to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Ventilate your bathroom – There’s a lot of moisture in the air after taking a bath or shower. So, it’s important to ventilate your bathroom properly by opening a window or switching on a fan for at least 30 minutes after bathing.

Clean regularly – Mold needs a source of food in order to grow. Non-organic surfaces like your metal faucets or plastic showerhead don’t provide this, but any dust and dirt left on them does. Regularly cleaning your fixtures and appliances helps to prevent mold from growing by taking away its food source. Anti-microbial cleaners are especially effective at fighting mold and mildew.

Fix water leaks – Leaks in your plumbing are a common cause of mold. The leak causes excess moisture to sit, which encourages mold growth. Always be on the lookout for drips and leaks, and call a plumber to fix them before they become a problem.

If you have a leak or need assistance maintaining your home plumbing, then call your local plumber for services around Clemmons, Winston Salem, and Lewisville.