How to Boost Water Pressure in Your Home

Does water practically dribble out of your faucet? Or maybe your shower head just doesn’t produce the powerful flow you’d like. Low water pressure can be annoying, so we’ve got some tips on how you can boost the water pressure in your home.

Check your pipes

Clogged pipes are a common cause of low water pressure. If there’s a blockage in your pipes, then it will be obstructing the flow of water through them, resulting in less water coming out on your end. Call a local plumber to check your pipes and ensure there isn’t a clog. If there is, then they will be able to clear the clog for you much more safely and efficiently than a DIY solution.

Do you have a pressure-reducing valve?

Some home plumbing systems will have a pressure-reducing valve attached to the water mains. This small valve allows you to control the water pressure in your home. Check if you have one and turn it to increase your water pressure.

Check your shutoff valves

If you’ve ever shut off your water supply at the source, then you or a plumber will have turned the shutoff valve closed. When opening the valve again, failing to turn it all the way will result in lower water pressure. Check your shutoff valves and make sure they are turned all the way open.

Water pressure booster system

Maybe there isn’t a problem anywhere in your plumbing and it’s just that you receive water at a low pressure in your home. In this case, you can still boost your water pressure by installing a water pressure booster system. This will use a pressure system and an electric pump to increase the water pressure. Consult with your plumber to assess if a system like this is suitable for your home.

Call your water supplier

If you’re still unable to increase the water pressure to your home, then it might be a wider problem. Call your water supplier and your local water department to see if there is a known problem with the water pressure in your area or if it is running normally.

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