Don’t Ignore A Dripping Faucet

The sound of a dripping faucet can be extremely annoying. The rhythmic sound of the water hitting the metal basin of the sink, or splashing in the water of a filled pot. Rather than putting up with this nuisance, a dripping faucet is something you should get fixed. Read on to find out more reasons why as well as advice on what to do about a dripping faucet.

Why you shouldn’t ignore a dripping faucet

A faucet starts to drip or leak for a reason. If you ignore the problem, then whatever is causing it is likely to get worse over time. A worn seal or a corroded part could be causing your leak. Without repairing or replacing the affected part, the damage could keep getting worse, resulting in a worse leak and perhaps a more expensive repair.

As well as this, leaving a tap to drip wastes a lot of water. While it might be hard to visualize since such a small amount of water is contained in each drip, a dripping faucet can actually waste gallons of water each day. You can even use this online tool to calculate how much water your drip is wasting based on the number of leaky faucets and the frequency of the drip.

Causes of a dripping faucet

A variety of issues could be causing your tap to drip or leak. One of the most common problems is a seal, washer, or O-ring becoming worn, which will need replacing or in some cases just tightening if a part has become loose. If your faucet has a ceramic disc cartridge instead, then this may have become scratched or damaged. The valve seat is another part to check, which can cause drips and leaks if it becomes work or corroded.

What to do about a dripping faucet

Since it’s often not clear what the exact cause is of your dripping faucet, it is worth calling a professional to diagnose the problem first. They will likely be able to fix it easily and reasonably cheaply if the problem hasn’t been ignored for too long. If you do want to attempt to fix the faucet yourself, then make sure you switch the water off at the mains before starting to take the tap apart.

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