Designing A Spa Bathroom

Do you love the luxury and relaxation of spending a day at the spa or even just taking a break with a one-hour treatment? Well, why not bring a touch of that luxury into your home with a spa bathroom? A spa bathroom recreates the atmosphere and appearance of a real spa, just on a smaller scale.

As well as potentially raising the value of your home, this can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed on a daily basis when taking a bath or shower, or even just brushing your teeth. If you’re thinking of designing a spa bathroom for your home, then read on for some tips and ideas.

Natural materials and textures

Think of the natural wood walls and benches of a sauna or the natural stone flooring around the spa. These natural materials and textures help to calm and soothe you on an unconscious level. You can even add plants to bring more nature into the space.

Focus on the lighting

The lighting in a spa goes a long way toward setting the relaxing mood and atmosphere. Think soft glows rather than harsh, bright lighting. Candles can really set the scene, or lighting that mimics the glow of candlelight.

Minimalist, neutral design

Clutter isn’t relaxing, so don’t try to put too much into your bathroom. Avoid clutter with a less is more attitude and with efficient bathroom storage so that too many things are left out in the open. And when it comes to style and color scheme, opt for neutral colors for a more minimalistic style.

Add a jacuzzi bathtub

If you or others in your family take baths, whether as part of your daily hygiene routine or now and again as a relaxing treat, then upgrading to a spa or jacuzzi tub can recreate that spa-like feeling. Jets and bubbles make for a luxurious and relaxing bath time.

Upgrade your shower

If you’re more of a shower person, then even small upgrades can make yours feel more luxurious. A spacious walk-in shower cubicle is a great option and can even have its own jets in the walls. Installing a rainfall showerhead will also help to remind you of those spa experiences and give you a more deluxe shower time.

Double up on sink space

A double sink means that you and your partner or you and your kids can both use the space at once. This spaciousness can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your bathroom and remind you of the decadence of a spa, not to mention avoiding the stress of having to wait to use the sink or the mirror.

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