Check for leaks and drips

Smart technology has seeped into so many homes across the country, helping to make our lives more convenient in lots of different ways. Smart devices can even help you when it comes to your home’s plumbing and water, let’s look at some of the ways how.

Check for leaks and drips

If you’ve ever woken up or come home to a flooded kitchen or bathroom, then you’ll know how useful this kind of device would be. Smart leak detectors and water alarm systems alert you when they detect a leak or a drip in your home, and may also be set to shut your water off at the mains to prevent costly flooding and damage. When it comes to minor leaks and drips, being alerted to them can help you conserve more water by addressing the problem quickly. These kinds of devices are generally fitted to your main water line.

Automate heating

Smart technology can also pair up with your boiler, water heater, and other HVAC appliances to give you more control over your home comfort. During cold weather, for example, you can switch your heating on from your smartphone as you’re heading back home from work, so you know you’ll arrive to a warm home. Or you can easily set and adjust timer settings through your phone so that the heat comes on at certain times of day.

Monitor water use

If you want to conserve water in your home and save more money on water, then smart devices can also help you to monitor your water use. This could reveal where you’re using too much water, so you know where to cut back. Or it could show you that a certain appliance or faucet is wasteful compared to others. This can also help you detect if you have a leak, as mentioned above.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets may seem like a gimmick, but they actually have a lot of useful features. Continuing along the lines of conservation, smart toilets can also detect leaks to ensure that you can repair these before too much water is wasted. And they can detect how much water is required to flush, ensuring no excess water is used. They can also detect overflows to prevent water from spilling onto the floor,

If you need help with your home plumbing or would like to fit smart devices to your pipes, faucets, water heaters, and other appliances, then contact Brandon Plumbing for our professional services around Winston Salem and Clemmons, NC. We can help you out with repair, maintenance, installation, and emergency plumbing services.